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Rishta – by sandhi agarwal

Kabhi ek alag hi kash-ma-kash hai… Kabhi ek alag hi sukoon hai… Kabhi lagta saccha… toh kabhi lagta jhoota… Kabhi lagta apna… Toh kabhi hai lagta sapna… Kabhi le aaye paas… Toh kabhi le jaaye dur… Alag hi uljhan hai… Jiski na koi suljhan hai… Kaesa hai ye tera mera saath.. Kaesa hai ye ehsaas…… Continue reading Rishta – by sandhi agarwal

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Angel ( By – Shubham Joshi)

I saw an angel – there she was One glimpse that can make world go pause And make everyone wonder how She’s so perfect, with no flaws.   Her smile says to me always Whatever may be the case ‘Hope’ is what will take you through Like the morning’s blissful rays   It makes me… Continue reading Angel ( By – Shubham Joshi)

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With You (By Shubham Joshi)

No matter where you go Or what you do, Always remember I’m right there for you.   I’ll be there in the morning Whenever you rise, And there in the evening As the moon fill the skies.   I’ll be there in your thoughts And in your dreams Keep that in your mind No matter how… Continue reading With You (By Shubham Joshi)