English poetry · family

Rendezvous with roots

Once while going through vintage photographs sitting in a train back to my home town after an year, sometime in Jun 2013…

I once had a place

Where I tread with even pace

It was my home town

My home on a street downtown

Where air was so clean

And fields were evergreen

My place had simple folk

And ear soothing folklore

The aroma of wet clay

Aroused playful hearts

But one day, my life changed

Under the olive green, I started to train

Left with solitude were remnants

Of fading faces of family and friends

Life became a hustle – bustle

Preparing for war in a fortified castle

I lived in mirror images faraway from reality

My timeline became an isolated locality

Now I take a hiatus from it

To go back to the place I longed to visit

To feel that familiar smell so cute

Today I go back home,

a rendezvous with roots…


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