English poetry · hope · love


I told my love to write me letters

She said she’d do but felt so jitters

I thought I asked something too big

For which she had to go too deep to dig

To pen down thoughts that never surfaced

But vibe through her beautiful face

Maybe it was hard for her to write

Busy life always put her up for a ride

But I wouldn’t accept that she never tried

To pen a letter full of feelings too bright

Because she is my lovely lady

And nothing’s about her too shady

She is reserved and all too quiet

Yes! I miss her with all my might

Her munchies demeanour, lively smile

That made my day all the while

I miss all that and a lot more

And ask her to post me all this encore

She took my address long ago

Promised to write me often on the go

And though I haven’t received any

May be they get delivered someplace else

Or may be postman keeps them for himself

But one day I will get a letter

From my beloved that gives me jitters

For it will be full of love

And hope for me…


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