English poetry · hope · love

Don’t Know

Don’t know what it will be like to be with you in future,

Don’t know will we be forever together

But what I do know is I am happy with you now in this present moment

And I know I’ll be happy with you hereafter

Even if not as lovers, then somehow as something special to each other..

But I’ll be always happy when you are by my side..

And I don’t know what will you say or feel about what I write

And I don’t know will you love me as you did before or start afresh

But what I do know is that you will never be sad or gloomy when I am around

Don’t know if we will get enough time together

Don’t know will there be ever a time when we will be actually together between our careers

But I know that we will have lot of moments to cherish for

I know all will turn out for good because I’ll be trying and you’ll be trying

To get the most of each other and still never enough!

And so we shall long to see each other

Crave for the presence and the smell that lingers on our bodies

The smell that we left on each other while we hugged for eternity

And so shall we meet, someday very soon..!


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