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HOPE (By Md Zaid)

Humans lived in darkness an age ago,
yet they unleashed themselves from the realm of doom,
for a more brighter age,
we fought, we won and survived because deep in the hearts of men they believed,


The humans are mightier than the mountains tall & rivers carved out from the feet of heaven itself,
hope is all what we require,
but we have failed to see what lies within,
the longings of this world have made us weak ,
the temptations is what we are talking about,
as we succumb to it,
we are blessed with powers serene and we may someday wield it


From the fruit to which ADAM was drawn,
to the blade to which the KINGS were drawn,
to the women & coin & blood to which the GREEKS & ROMANS were drawn,
to the throne to which the kins were drawn,
abandoning the very essence of humanity.
Yet, there is hope…


like the flame about to perish in the winds of frost, yet it sustains
“Hope is what we are talking about”
we may think we are low, tempted, weak
yet, we are the greatest creation of the almighty,
destined to a more fairer cause,
all what is needed is the acquaintance of our soul,
the fire within our hearts,
the acknowledgement of our creation

Hope – the ‘ARKENSTONE’ of all the human strengths should be kept alive,
as we may someday,



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